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Author Lorri Ann Devlin

Authors create something where there once was nothing. Then we lay it at your feet. Hopefully it is something good and real and true. Hopefully, it makes a difference.

What’s New

A fictional drama about a family rocked by the discovery of an ancestor they were never meant to know.

The Faerie Girls Find Themselves in a Pickle:

A children’s picture book, first in a series of adventures about the mischievous, clever, dewdrop drinking Faerie Girls. Details ahead.

My Books

I like to write about nature, relationships, and relationships with nature. Also a bit here and there about the resilience of the human spirit. And occasionally, random thoughts on my only for grownups Tumblr blog, Diary of a Bad Housewife. (lorridevlinauthor)

To the dismay of fussy author agents, I’m genre-fluid. You’ll find children’s books, educational books, poetry and a nonfiction memoir written by me. I write fiction too, but under a different name.

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Writing for Good

Now matter what befalls my characters, I always leave room for hope, love, and a little magic.

—Lorri Ann Devlin